Virtual Design & Construction


Strategic technology adoption helps us find better ways to accomplish our client’s goals. By investing in technology our teams improve coordination, safety, and quality. We’re also practical and try to determine whether a tool helps us deliver a better project and better value for our clients.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) & Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) fosters a new level of team collaboration and creates tangible value for a project. BIM functions as an excellent platform to drive improved planning, collaboration, and efficiency. Alston offers BIM & VDC services in-house, and we can forecast conflicts, minimize clashes, and avoid their inevitable delays.

Our VDC Specialists use the latest technology in scanning, modeling, and virtual design. We use BIM and VDC during every aspect of your project’s life cycle. We can perform constructability reviews, run clash detection, and perform quantity take-offs. With BIM and VDC, we improve communication between all project team members, enhance efficiencies and reduce risk.

• Conflict, interference, and clash detection prior to construction
• Improve project communication collaboration utilizing BIM
• 3D modeling and coordination (3D)
• Visual construction sequencing (4D)
• Accurate quantity takeoffs (5D)
• Integrated facility management (6D)

• Aerial Photography / Marketing
• Construction planning & management, including progress & safety
• 3D Mapping
• Site evaluation and design assistance
• Visual inspections in difficult-to-access areas
• Volumetrics for stockpiles or cut-and-fill calculations

• High resolution 360 image to track progress, productivity, and document as-builts.
• 3D Visualization: virtually walk your project site from anywhere in the world, pull measurements, and real time reports

  • Lidar based 3D scanning for buildings, infrastructure and utilities
  • Scan-to-BIM applications from Point Clouds to Revit
  • • Trimble based Robotic Layout in field
    • Enables a (2) person team to layout on average 600-800 points per day with a accuracy of 1/8”
    • 10x fast than conventional layout methods
    • Points can be shot to both layout upcoming installations and as-built location verification


    Rickey Molina | VDC Director
    Phone: 916-508-3850