Tilley Road Olympia, Washington

Tilley Road is a 3-story public works campus for Thurston County in Washington state. The project is a feat of environmental engineering, complete with geothermal wells and solar panels. Tilley Road is already home to the county’s maintenance/operations and traffic division, which is home to more than 200 employees. Included in the project is a new emergency services center that is designed to withstand bigger earthquakes and keep the county communicating during emergencies. Covered walkways with solar panels will connect the new facilities. Also included in the project is a 9,000 SF warehouse building that will store equipment sensitive to freezing temperatures.

Because of the solar and geothermal elements of the project, two of the buildings could reach one of the highest green-construction certifications. Solar panels will adorn the 12,000 SF emergency services center, with the power being sold back to Puget Sound Energy. Also included are 63 geothermal wells that will harness the earth’s temperature to heat and cool the public works administration building. The wells are 30 feet apart and about 300 feet deep.