DVB7 Delivery Station | Miami, FL

The development of Project DVB7 posed a unique challenge to the Alston Construction team in Florida. While we have built many similar structures to Project DVB7, we have never had to build in an area quite like North Miami before. This site’s location came with many hurdles that we were unfamiliar with. These included operating in a tight heavily trafficked area, complying with unfavorable zoning regulations for the site, and using atypical power installation methods. Despite having little experience with the working conditions that came with the project’s location Alston was able to finish the project safely, on time, and under budget.

Alston’s work on the site began in late January of 2021. This gave us a very limited window to complete the project as the TCO days were scheduled for mid-May. The team had a total of 4 and half months to deliver a working product for the clients. This forced the team to adapt rather quickly to the inherent challenges of the site’s urban environment.

The most obvious of these challenges was the tight working area. Most projects similar to DVB7 are located in remote sites with a vast amount of open space surrounding the structure. In contrast, this project had no open space to maneuver in, except for the actual property area. In addition to this obstacle, the team had to take special care to not inconvenience or endanger individuals that were working and moving around the site. This was accomplished through strict scheduling and oversight by Alston’s management team that ensured that all building materials were delivered only when needed and that no work would conflict with other work on the site.

Another major challenge that came from the location was a series of complications that originated from old zoning laws for the area. Historically, the Southside area of the site had been intended for European-style retail stores and the regulations for the area still reflected that. The zoning policies dictated that the Southside of the building had to be within 10 feet of the front setback line. This forced our team to rearrange the power installation plan and to hold off on tilting the Southside wall panels for this rearrangement. Due to this, the power system had to be installed in a variety of unique ways. It had to be routed up the Westside wall of the building and across the Northside wall of the building.

Despite the unfamiliar environment, the overall construction process changed very little. Even when projects like DVB7 require unique specifications, Alston has developed its methods for construction into a science. This allows us to build whatever our clients need and wherever they need it. For DVB7 we were able to install around 150 power drops, develop a large canopy structure for the warehouse, and create a vast variety of parking areas including an indoor parking lot equipped with carbon-dioxide sensors. With this ability to adapt to new environments and still fulfill the distinct needs of clients, Alston Construction is ready to expand our range of work with new customers and new locations to build in.