Alston has built Amazon facilities across the United States utilizing proven project teams organized by region and project type. We are committed to innovating and operating sustainably to deliver positive environmental, social and economic community impacts.

Accelerated early access was Amazon’s main objective. By managing the design-build process, Alston expedited design, permitting and construction by collaborating with proven Amazon subcontractors and vendors. We relied on them to implement acceleration budgets for each of the critical path trades and adapt to parallel solutions to deliver phased occupancy of the warehouse. This enabled us to deliver last minute design changes and safety improvements and turnover the facility one month ahead of schedule.

To deliver an accelerated schedule for the tenant improvement project, Alston identified long lead critical path materials and secured them via a phased early procurement plan prior to contract execution. By clearly defining the project goals prior to mobilization, Alston fostered a collaborative project management environment that guaranteed successful delivery.

Amazon values continuous communication. For DSR2 in northern California, we maintained daily communication with the client to confirm changes. Internally, we held daily, proactive scheduling meetings, connected field and office staff and met weekly with other Alston business units delivering Amazon projects to share best practices. We partnered with proven subcontractors who had successfully delivered work on-time for Amazon in the past and utilized BIM to plan and implement the work prior to mobilization on site.

By integrating with the client’s project team and developing strong relationships with their personnel, we were able to position the Amazon CM for success. We actively listened to the client’s concerns and delivered solutions for common problems experienced on other Amazon projects. By proving ourselves through the delivery of this first project, we gained support from Amazon leadership for future project opportunities, and the client continues to speak highly of our involvement.


“You’ve all done an outstanding job on LAS1! …. You’ve been extremely proactive in getting in front of all of the Amazon ambiguity and solving problems (not all GCs can do this). You’ve adapted to all of the unknowns and modifications that we’ve thrown at you. You’ve done a terrific job at managing the budget and your subs along with all of the Amazon vendors and most importantly you’re just overall good people!

Construction Manager
Southwest Region