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SVP Bob Murray on TCA’s 2023 Most Influential Professionals List

TCA has developed a framework to identify those in our industry who have invested in becoming knowledgeable, qualified, and recognized for their expertise. This listing affirms the experience of industry professionals dedicated to steering this industry forward into the future.

“The professionals presented on this list represent an extraordinary investment in cultivating and disseminating knowledge and experience,” said Mitch Bloomquist, executive director for the Tilt-Up Concrete Association. “We are fortunate to have such genuine passion and generosity at the top of our industry.”

Individuals accumulate points in five categories:

Leadership: Individuals receive varying points in this category for service on specific TCA committees and task groups.
Credentials: This category awards points to individuals for certification and professional licensure.
Engagement: Staying current with best practices and learning from peers in the industry through consistent attendance at TCA events adds greatly to the knowledge base of any industry professional. Points for such engagement are awarded in this category.
Authority: This category includes those honored with professional awards from the TCA , speakers at events, and people authoring articles or books on tilt-up construction.
Profile: Points in this category are awarded based on the completeness of one’s member profile, including accurate/current personal data that references contact information, social media handles, professional credentials, and more.
“Six members of TCA’s young professionals collaborative (TILT) are among the top 50 influencers,” said Karen Hand, president of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association Board of Directors. “What an amazing level of engagement from the next-gen leaders! This commitment ensures that the TCA will continue to advance the industry for many years. I am excited about the future of our organization, knowing future leadership is engaged in this way.”

TCA Executive Director Mitch Bloomquist said, “I can’t think of anything more indicative of the sustainability of this organization than to see its next generation exercising their voice and making a mark. The fact that this association is their vehicle of choice stems from very intentional investment by leadership over the past five years.”

Tilt-Up Industry Influencer rankings are updated dynamically in real time and presented in two groupings: top 20 and top 50. One may opt out of these rankings at any time through their member portal, which is accessible via tilt-up.org.

Source: TCA

About the Tilt-Up Concrete Association
Founded in 1986, the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) strives to improve the quality and acceptance of site-cast Tilt-Up construction – one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, combining the advantages of reasonable cost with low maintenance, durability, speed of construction and minimal capital investment. Over 10,000 buildings, enclosing more than 650 million square feet, are constructed each year using this construction method.