Brooklyn Bedding | Glendale, Arizona

When mattress-in-a-box pioneer Brooklyn Bedding sought to create a facility that could accommodate its explosive growth, they engaged Alston Construction to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The new 650,000-square-foot building would need to accommodate over 100 pieces of complex manufacturing equipment, chemical storage and processing, critical power demands, and challenging air-handling and venting requirements. It would also include a retail store and corporate offices complete with high-end finishes including burnished concrete, elaborate ceramic tile work, and high end mechanically undulating putting green.

Having started the company with his brother, John Merwin, owner and CEO of Brooklyn Bedding understood the intricacies of the manufacturing process well and brought that in-depth knowledge to the design of the facility. One of the biggest challenges was setting up the area of the facility known as “the tank farm.” Producing foam for mattresses involves large quantities of the foam’s chemical components. Storing and mixing the chemicals required special permitting from state and county authorities due to environmental regulations. Coordinating with third-party consultants and equipment suppliers was a challenge, especially when the tank manufacturer missed the deadline by several months. The project team took charge, coordinating heavy haul transport to bring the tanks from California to the site and even flying them over 35-foot walls for installation.

The project also involved integrating 108 pieces of complex manufacturing equipment, including an automated conveyor system. Coordinating the arrival of equipment from the manufacturer in Spain, with no specific ETA due to shipping uncertainties, required flexible planning and survey calculations to ensure precise equipment placement.

A pre-engineered metal building was the initial plan, but a change in design to include a recessed truck dock caused a delay. Alston Construction working closely with the city to rework the design and manage permits effectively, ensuring an on time completion.