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Alston Construction Celebrates Eight Employees Winning AGC Georgia Amerson Supervisor Safety Awards

Alston Construction is proud to announce eight of its employees have been honored with the AGC Georgia Amerson Supervisor Safety Awards. These awards recognize individuals who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to safety leadership and practices in the construction industry. It is awarded to those who exemplify outstanding safety performance, leadership, and dedication to creating a safe work environment.

“We are incredibly proud of our employees for their commitment to safety,” said Dave Campbell, Corporate Safety Director, at Alston Construction. “Safety is a core value at Alston, and these awards highlight the dedication of our team to ensuring the well-being of everyone on our job sites.”

The Alston Construction recipients of the AGC Georgia Amerson Supervisor Safety Awards are:

1. Elmer Cornelius, Senior Superintendent
2. Michael Floyd, Senior Superintendent
3. Gary Bryan, Superintendent
4. Keith McVay, Superintendent
5. Mark Woodham, Superintendent
6. Preston Watts, Superintendent
7. Tommy Liming, Superintendent
8. James Davis, Assistant Superintendent

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