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Phoenix Office Named in “AZ Big 100: 50 real estate companies to watch in 2024” List

While we don’t have a crystal ball to look ahead when it comes to Arizona’s commercial real estate outlook for 2024, several factors historically influence the state’s market — and those companies on the list of the AZ Big 100 for 2024 will be shaping those factors.

Arizona’s growing population, a key driver for commercial real estate, is often attracted by its business-friendly environment and quality of life. Cities like Phoenix, with a thriving tech industry, are likely to see increased demand for office spaces.

The retail sector may adapt to changing consumer behavior, influenced by e-commerce trends. Industrial real estate could experience continued growth due to its strategic location for logistics and distribution. The state’s appeal as a tourist destination may also sustain demand for hospitality-related properties, like the $1 billion VAI resort that is being built in the West Valley.

However, challenges like economic uncertainties, interest rates and the impact of global events can’t be overlooked. Government policies, especially those related to zoning and infrastructure development, play a crucial role in shaping the commercial real estate landscape.

One thing is certain, though: For precise insights into the commercial real estate outlook in Arizona in 2024, the 50 people and 50 companies picked as part of the AZ Big 100 for 2024 are the experts to ask. The editorial board for AZRE magazine met with Arizona industry leaders to identify the 100 people and companies who will shape Arizona’s business community in 2024. Learn more about the AZ Big 100 companies to watch in 2024 below.

Alston Construction Company

Alston Construction has more than three decades of experience constructing upwards of 6,000 buildings across the U.S. Drawing on that experience, the company has developed a highly efficient approach with a powerful combination of people, processes and technology. Alston firmly believes that people come first, focusing on best in class training, specific building type expertise and delivering exceptional customer service.

Alston’s expertise includes industrial warehouse, advanced manufacturing, cold storage, mixed use and medical office, multi-family, retail, airplane hangar and tenant improvement work.

“Our process starts with a single point of contact, from preconstruction through grand opening,” says Mike Bontrager, vice president and general manager of Alston Construction. “Using our experience and expertise, we deliver the highest value added service and creative solutions to build the best product with the least expense. Leading-edge technology supports our teams to ensure efficiency, real-time data and enhanced communication.”

Alston’s goal for 2024 and beyond is to continue delivering on their promise of excellent client service starting with creative, cost-effective preconstruction. The company will continue to prioritize attention to detail and thorough pre-planning to achieve fast and efficient build time.

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Source: AZ Big Media