October 20 2021 0Comment

Crane and Rigging Safety Month

Alston Construction continues to celebrate Crane and Rigging Safety Month by recognizing OSHA’s rules for rigging safely. Here are the 14 tips for Rigging/ Material Handling (OSHA 500 Digest Version):

1. Know the weight of the load
2. Know the center of gravity of the load
3. Make load attachment above the center of gravity of the load
4. Select best slings and hardware, considering capacity
5. Inspect all equipment involved
6. Keep type of rig in mind (i.e. cradle, basket, etc.)
7. Protect sling from sharp surfaces
8. Take sling angles into account when selecting rigging equipment
9. Attach a tagline
10. Keep unnecessary personnel clear from lift area
11. Maintain clearance from power lines
12. Lift load a few inches then check rigging
13. Lift slowly and stop slowly
14. The person communicating with crane operator should not handle the load once raised