Highland Pointe Roseville, California

Highland Pointe, Building C is an 118,113-square-foot office building in Roseville, California. The building features a four-story, tilt-up concrete panel structure, integrating steel frame construction with glazed and metal cladding to allow for a myriad of architectural expressions. Highland Pointe is a prime example of the solid strength of tilt-up concrete massing with shear wall technology, while leveraging the flexibility and delicate nature of glass as a lighter applied skin.

The project presented many challenges, including difficult soils and topographic conditions. Relying on its understanding of the northern California region, Alston Construction’s team executed the building forms to maintain the project’s identity and meet budget constraints.

Honest expressions of concrete wall planes were contrasted with lighter appearing glass walls to create a powerful display of “way-finding” articulation for entry and exit nodes to and from the building. Despite the obstacles, Alston Construction completed the project on time while staying under the proposed budget.