• 38,000 square foot, two-story laboratory building used to teach
    Complete dental lab with six stations and 24 hospital bed wing for respiratory care
    Tilt-wall construction and eclipse shaped lecture halls
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  • 80-acre master planned site
    Connection to existing production plant/paint operations
    Tilt-wall construction
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  • 41 offices and 81 exam rooms
    64,579 square foot, 2-story medical office building
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  • Demolition and renovation of ground floor retail space
    10 interior apartment units
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AGCWhat you’re constructing is so much more than a building. It’s a platform for your company’s future growth. An inviting place for a physician to care for a patient. The place where an entrepreneur’s vision will come to life.

When it comes down to it, you’re entrusting a lot to whoever you choose to build for you. You want someone you can rely on, who looks at things from your perspective - the owner’s view - and delivers a facility we can both be proud of.

At Alston Construction, we know that successful building is more about people than concrete. We strive to be a true partner, and an honest advisor, as well as a responsible contractor.

We take pride in the success our buildings help their owners achieve. We’d love to turn your vision into bricks and mortar.
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